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Kaos Collective

2012, Italy

Kaos Collective is a multidisciplinary design space where the common interest focuses on experimenting new architectural, environmental

and social perspectives. Responses are generated by the collective intelligence, a form of communication that causes the work to be conceptually elevated above and beyond each single individual. This means designing together, generating spaces for communal living,

and laying down the foundations for cohesive social relations. In this process, biomimicry is taken as a great opportunity with which to pursue effective solutions, and the emergence of complex systems offers a new paradigm to reflect on and work with. These possibilities are explored through the application of new design strategies, enabling sensitivity in research and observation to be restored throughout the whole creative and production cycle.

Kaos Collective starts off its research with the intention of creating a multi-disciplinary partnership that continually redefines itself, opening up

to ideas that flow in and to the skills of scholars, researchers and enthusiasts, and making experimentation with new collaborative forms

and asymmetrical exchange a concrete possibility.



Andrea Buttarini

Founder & Principal 

Born in Urbino, Andrea spent a part of his childhood in North Africa together with his family who were involved in the archaeology sector.

He gained multi-disciplinary experience in the artistic, handicraft and technical fields, which was to influence his research path and his work.

His interests lie in experimenting new design strategies in the architecture and design field through the use of biomimicry and emergent systems.