Vancouver 2015

Client: Humans – Electronic music band / Vancouver

Art Director: Alex Beim

Design and engineering: Andrea Buttarini

Light Programming: Reynaldo Tortoledo

Fabrication: Halina, Andrea Buttarini

Work commissioned to Tangible Interaction Design


Alveoli is a new stage lighting set for the music band Humans. It is an inflatable structure with an unique look that is quick to install and easily transportable. The music composition technique of Humans inspired the creation of Alveoli. The end piece cannot be controlled or predicted, the design is ultimately generated from the interaction of tens of particles that, like musical notes, becomes a visually harmonious installation. This organic wall has been generated with nonlinear softwares, allowing us to experiment with more than fifty possible configurations. The system is made by three hundred pieces of soft and light Tyvek; designed to be inflated and deflated at every concert.