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Barcelona 2010, ELISAVA

Master in Advanced Design and Digital Architecture

Director: Jordi Truco

Teachers: Jordi Truco, Marco Verde, Luis Fraguada, Marcel Bilurbina, Javier Peña, Santi Pladellorens, Mireia Ferraté, Sylvia Felipe, Jordi Sola, Rubén Hidalgo, David Llorente, Alex Barrio

Design Team: Andrea Buttarini, Fernando Gorka de Lecea

Tools: Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, RhinoCAM, CNC Milling, Laser Cutting


The BioDeLab Biodesign Laboratory focused its interest on the study of the morphogenesis of natural systems and on understanding how biological organisms create complex emergent structures starting from the interaction of simple components. The intention was to transfer this knowledge to the architectural design of space through new design strategies that exploit the intelligence of materials, redefining the often separate relationships between material, form, structure and behaviour. The project presented here experiments the possibility of obtaining highly differentiated and multi-performing spaces, starting from an understanding of the dynamics of a simple element and then arriving at a study of the complex global relationships of the system. The form and its characteristics are not designed, but become a response to the new state of tension that integrates within it many aspects that can coexist and interact in synergy with the object.


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