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Barcelona 2010, ELISAVA

Master in Advanced Design and Digital Architecture

Director: Jordi Truco

Teachers: Jordi Truco, Marco Verde, Luis Fraguada, Marcel Bilurbina, Roger Paez, Pau De Sola-Morales, Sylvia Felipe, Juan P. Quintero, Isaac Salom, Lluis Ortega, Neil Leach, Andrew Kudless

Design Team: Andrea Buttarini, Marília Coutinho, Carolina Figueiredo

Tools: Processing, Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, 3dsMax, V-Ray


The CoDeLab Computational Design Laboratory is a workshop where new architectural digital paradigms are experimented. Using scripting and parametric tools, non-linear morphogenesis strategies are followed in order to create liveable spaces. This is a way of designing that is based not just on generative systems, but also on genetic systems that try to capture the principles and the logic of the evolution of complex systems.
In this Plaza Lesseps project in Barcelona, the organization of data available in situ was worked out and the emergent behaviour of particles and attractors was autogenerated using computational design. The architecture that derives from it is able to assume different spatial configurations as the initial data and process data vary, leading to a dynamic, open and adaptable space that translates into a response to program requirements and to environmental input.


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