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De Industria

Fermignano (Pesaro e Urbino) 2007, Museum of Architecture

Artistic Competition-Workshop

Authors and Founders: Andrea Buttarini, Francesco De Luca, Simone Sacconi

Photos: Francesco De Luca

Graphic Design and Books: Paolo Palma – HEADS Collective


De Industria was set up in 2007 based on an idea by Andrea Buttarini, Francesco De Luca and Simone Sacconi. Its aim was to create an artistic event in an area known for its industrial base, and its intention was to have these two worlds – art and industry, which are not such opposites as one might think – come together actively. Different, significant industrial entities took on the role of new patrons of art. The artists gave meaning to the event right from the start and continue to do so each year, working for three days in the open workshop set up for them, handling industrial waste as the raw material for their work and creating unique pieces, which are real works of genius.


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