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Digital Fabrication

Barcelona 2010, ELISAVA

Master in Advanced Design and Digital Architecture

Director: Jordi Truco

Teachers: Jordi Truco, Marco Verde, Luis Fraguada, Marcel Bilurbina, Roger Paez, Pau De Sola-Morales, Sylvia Felipe, Juan P. Quintero, Isaac Salom, Lluis Ortega, Neil Leach, Andrew Kudless

Design Team: Andrea Buttarini, Marília Coutinho, Carolina Figueiredo

Workshop: MEDIO Design – Rhino FabLab, Barcelona

Tools: Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, RhinoCAM, CNC Milling, Laser Cutting


The aim of the CAD/CAM and Rapid Tools workshop was to materialize a phase in the design process by means of a scale model. The designer had the chance to rethink some of his choices, find new stimuli and test the structural and constructive feasibility. As it was redesigned, the building was redefined in fabrication logic. Materials, tools and cutting strategies led to the activation of significant changes that were nevertheless consonant with the process under way. After learning how to use a CNC machine, the next step was to create a prototype made up of complex geometries, which then became the testing ground for the last study phase.


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