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Torricini Urbino

Bologna 1998, Faculty of Engineering

History of Architecture I Course – Prof. Giuliano Gresleri, Architect

Torricini Facade, Palazzo Ducale, Urbino – 1:50 Scale model

Size: 72.5×51.5×110 cm

Students: Andrea Buttarini, Alberto Barbaresi, Alex Campanini, Paolo Ceredi, Emma Fulvi, Laura Giada Lombardi, Alessandro Scaglioni


The wooden model, after being presented at the History of Architecture I course, remained on display for a year in the National Gallery of the Marche in the Palazzo Ducale in Urbino. The Marche region Artistic and Historical Heritage Department in Urbino subsequently requested the model for an exhibition about the Italian Rinascimento in Germany, where it remained on display for several months.
The Torricini scale 1:50 model was created with exclusively handmade techniques. The supporting structure is in solid wood and the parts in stone are reproduced in polyester resin, while the bricks coating the whole were sculpted one by one using different woods and conforming to the original scale proportions.